Website says I can install on 2 devices I own. Installed on desktop. Won't let me install onmy laptop.

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I use Clip Studio Paint on both my desktop and laptop. I purchased the upgrade from EX 1 to EX 2. Now, in order to install 2.0 on my laptop, Clip Studio Paint is asking me to Deactivate on my desktop? WTH!?!?!?

Website says...

"For one-time purchases
You can install and use the software on up to two computers if you purchase the Clip Studio Paint PRO/EX product in a one-time purchase and meet the following conditions.

Example: use the software on two computers, one for Windows and one for macOS.

- The app can only be installed on computers that you own and manage.
- The app may only be used by the owner and one work assistant specified by the owner.
- The app cannot be launched at the same time."

...I have satisfied all these conditions. I own both a desktop and a laptop. I am the only user. I use the desktop at home and use the laptop when on the road. There's no way I can use the program at the same time.

Published date : 6 days ago

Updated date : 6 days ago


  • 6 days ago
    Do you still have CSP EX 1 installed and functioning somewhere? I think that CSP EX 1 is using your v2 license and acting as your second device. By clicking "deactivate license on device" should remove your v2 license on ALL devices (at least that's how I understand it). Then you can start fresh and use your v2 license on 2 devices you actually want.

    This is just a theory though, for I also bought an upgrade. I upgraded my main computer from CSP Pro 1 to 2. While my second device (laptop) was not compatible and so I reinstalled Pro 1. While my v1 license didn't work (apparently it doesn't exist anymore?), there was the option to use my v2 license to unlock Pro 1. It seems upgrading replaces v1 license with a v2 license (the v1 license isn't retained anymore) and my laptop with Pro 1 counts as my second device.
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  • 6 days ago
    Hey @ahoy_vy, I really appreciate the response. Yeah, I think we have the same setup. My main computer is my desktop. My secondary is my laptop. So, I upgraded my desktop, and then tried upgrading my laptop. That didn't work. After reading your answer, I uninstalled CSP 2 on my laptop and re-installed CSP 1.

    When I try to launch CSP 1 on my laptop, I get the message "Failed to verify the license." And then I get two options, either "Verify license from another device" or "Launch with limited features."

    When I press "Verify license from another device", I get a window where I have to go to a webpage and enter the sequence of numbers on the screen. After doing this (twice), I get an error message that authentication has failed.

    When I press "Launch with limited features", I end up with a Trial Version.

    Am I doing the sequence wrong? Do I have to uninstall CSP on both my desktop and also my laptop?

    This is soooo frustrating. Kinda regretting paying for the upgrade now. At least, before the upgrade, I was able to work on my desktop at home, save the files to the cloud, and then take my laptop on the road and keep working.

    Dude, if there's a sequence I have to do, please let me know. Thanks.
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  • 6 days ago
    Many are having this issue. Seems once you upgrade your v1 license, you can’t use it anymore. I tried switching between desktop and laptop and after my second time, it locked me out so only my desktop is active. I haven’t received any answer from support.
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