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After upgrading to 2.0, the brush palette often becomes invisible like an image, please fix it quickly. It will show up after reboot.
What causes this phenomenon
1) Double-click the work to start Crysta
2) Delete unnecessary brushes
And without fail, all the brushes disappeared.

The operating environment is Mac studio ultra with Mac M1 chip.

Published date : 4 days ago

Updated date : 4 days ago


  • 4 days ago

    I am a user of Windows 10, Crystapaint Grade EX, version 1.13.2.
    (To V2.0, we are waiting for an answer from the management with a certain question → It seems to be in traffic)

    > After upgrading to 2.0...
    Too little information.
    Upgrading means upgrading from PRO to EX etc.
    Is it correct to update to 2.0?

    Also, if the previous version was 1.x, a paid procedure is required from V2.0.
    Please tell us more about the situation...
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