Export the first page in color and the other pages in grayscale

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When exporting multiple pages (comics),
The first page, which is the frontispiece, is in color, and the remaining pages are in grayscale.
Is it possible to export with

I didn't really understand even after looking it up.
I want you to tell me. please.

Published date : 11 days ago

Updated date : 10 days ago


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  • 10 days ago
    Try setting the [Expression color] item to [Automatically detect optimal color depth] and then export.

  • 10 days ago
    excuse me. For some reason, I couldn't decompress it, so my reply was late.
    I unchecked "Embed ICC profile" and it worked.

    Certainly the first page was in color and the rest were in grayscale.
    Thank you for your answer. it was very helpful.
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