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Is it possible to specify the origin when loading a model created with sketchup into MODELLER?

When reading with "Node" → "Add from file", the object will be placed at the point of deviation from the origin.
You can move the origin of the part, but if the center of the object is misaligned, the manipulator will go away from the material when you bring it to PAINT.

Once, I tried opening the one saved with the center aligned with MODELLER's "3D shape" with "3D object".
Then, I came to the center, but all the layers set in sketchup were merged.

It is placed at the origin in sketchup, but is it possible to specify the center when reading in MODELLER, or set it after reading?

Published date : 10 days ago

Updated date : 7 days ago


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  • 10 days ago
    Regarding the root node, when the general-purpose file was read, was there no "RootNode" folder or empty node (group?) Was it in this state?
    In that case, it is impossible to select all, so please add a new empty node and make it a parent, and put all the scattered nodes in it.
    It's like a group in SketchUp.
    I don't know if this will work or not until I try it, but I made a GIF movie, so it might be helpful.
    The first half contains "RootNode" from the beginning, and the second half is a group of scattered nodes created by creating empty nodes.
    I think this state will work as a whole.

  • 7 days ago
    it was very helpful! Thank you for making the video.
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