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How to get my lines to have a thin ending (picture included).

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I am probably wording this all wrong, but I wanted my ink brush to have the same drag line as circled in the image below. I'm not sure if the line has been thinned with an eraser or if the pressure settings allow it to end thin like showed. Thank you in advance,

Published date : 22 days ago

Updated date : 15 days ago


  • 22 days ago
    Is your brush not getting thinner at the end?
    In that case, pen pressure may be disabled.

    Please check this FAQ.

    If you are looking for start/end settings, open [Sub Tool Details] and try setting them. (See attached image)
    Top menu [Window] → [Sub tool details] → [Enter/exit (second item from the bottom)] → [Enter/exit] item in the right column, select [Brush size] from the pull-down
    Then try adjusting the numbers below.
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  • 22 days ago
    Also use vectors. You can thin vectors with vector tools afterwards if your hands are not too good with controling presure. The same goes for any line related corection (size, thicknes, texture, smoothnes, etc..).
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