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I have the android version on my tablet. I still have clip studio paint on my old tablet but the license is deactivated. I'm trying to send the files from my old tablet to myself so I can sell that tablet. But I can't access the files at all. I was told if I go to \Internal shared storage\Android\data\jp.co.celsys.clipstudiopaint.googleplay\files\Documents they should be there but they are not. This also happens on my new tablet. I navigate to that folder and whether I do so on my PC through USB connection or directly on my android tablet it always says the folder is empty. On my new tablet I can easily open the file from clip studio and import it but I only have a single device license so I can't do that on my old tablet because it won't give me access unless I deactivate my new tablet and reactivate my old one.

Published date : 22 days ago

Updated date : 15 days ago


  • 22 days ago
    As long as you did not unintall it your works should be present. You don't need CSP for them, just CS. Go to works tab and sync works to the cloud. Go to new tablet and download them from the cloud.
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