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File Deletion/Corruption?

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I’ve been working on a project in Clip Studio Paint for over a year now and keep having to either completely start over OR do a lot of my previous work over again. Twice with the same file, it’s said something along the lines of my file not being able to be found

. When I open my iPad files and go into the Clip Studio folder, the file is completely greyed out and it does nothing when I click it. Is there any way to stop this from happening? I really like CSP and it doing this constantly to my files really ruins my workflow.

P.S. no, my file didn’t save to the cloud, unsure of why, however I have had files backed up that still were unable to be restored.


Published date : 22 days ago

Updated date : 15 days ago


  • 22 days ago
    CLIP STUDIO's "work management" is linked to the saved location.
    If possible, please avoid changing the storage location of the work file.

    Do not use "work management"
    Please find and open the work file directly from "Open" in the file menu of CLIP STUDIO PAINT.
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