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The downloaded picture file appears black.

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A few days ago, when I exported the 'Consolidate images and export to storage' jpg file, it downloaded in the Galaxy Tab's gallery download, but the image file appears black.
When I draw, I set the color file to cmyk view for printing purposes. When exporting, check cmyk color and icc as well. However, it continued to work fine, but since a few days ago, the downloaded file appears black.
So, I checked the RGB color when exporting the file, and the downloaded file was visible again in the Galaxy Tab's gallery.
But why does the image not show up when exported in cmyk color and only appears in black?
By the way, even if I send the black file downloaded to the Galaxy Tab to the Galaxy phone S23, the picture appears black.
Could it be because I updated my Galaxy Tab?
Because of printing, I need to export it to storage in cmyk color.
I would really appreciate your help.

Published date : 17 days ago

Updated date : 10 days ago


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