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Using Clip Studio EX with two computers

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I was using the Clip Studio version indefinitely on one computer, but I recently bought a new computer.
I used the original computer for secondary work and installed Clip Studio on the new computer to use it as the main computer.

Maybe it's because it's an old indefinite version, but when I tried to re-register it with the serial number I purchased at the time, it said it couldn't be registered.
At first glance, I remember that if you purchased the indefinite version, you could use about 2.3 additional devices (probably).
Did it change when the monthly subscription system came out?

First of all, I think I will have to use the original computer indefinitely and buy a new computer. Can I buy it on a monthly subscription basis?
Or is there a way to share the serial number of the CLTU I purchased indefinite version with my new computer CLTU?

Published date : 16 days ago

Updated date : 9 days ago


  • 16 days ago
    >>I remember that if you purchase the unlimited version, you can use about 2.3 additional devices (I think).

    Even if I could, it would be 2 units.

    From Ver.2, for one-time licenses, activation codes are used instead of serial numbers.
    If you only purchased one license, you will definitely need to switch to use two PCs.
    You can purchase additional monthly plans, but you should keep in mind that you are not expected to switch between one device and another.
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