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How do I blur text

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I've been trying to blurr/add motion to speech balloons, but insted of blurring it makes it look weird.
I converted the text layer to a raster layer so I can do the effects, but I don't understand how to get them to work.
Tips how to fix this will be greatly appreciated.

Published date : 16 days ago

Updated date : 9 days ago


  • 15 days ago
    I think there are various ways.
    For example, what I just tried is the method shown in the attached image. I duplicated the text layer, rasterized it, and used [Blur] from [Menu → Filter]. If you want to give the same effect to the balloon layer, you can also rasterize it, combine it with the rasterized text layer, and use a blur filter.
    I think you can also express movement by using [Movement blur].

    You can also use auto actions published on CLIP STUDIO ASSETS.
    For example, there are the following (there are others, so please search if you like)
    >(Free) Layer replication → gaussian blur - CLIP STUDIO ASSETS https://assets.clip-studio.com/en-us/detail?id=1386734
    >(Free) Character Design effect - CLIP STUDIO ASSETS https://assets.clip-studio.com/en-us/detail?id=1651390
    >(Paid) Drowsy text action - CLIP STUDIO ASSETS https://assets.clip-studio.com/en-us/detail?id=2028332

    If the effect you are looking for is not like this, please use the ``Submit an answer'' button below to write in detail how you want it to look.
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