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Does this happen if I update to the original EX?

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A few days ago, when there was a CLTU sale, I updated from Pro 1.0 to EX 2.0, but the brushes were strange...
The brushes all come out like the picture below... It should look like the one above, but it comes out like the one below.
Even if I downloaded and organized everything again, it ended up looking like that again. 3 hours of labor wasted.

Published date : 15 days ago

Updated date : 8 days ago


  • 15 days ago
    Is it possible to say the whole story?
    >[Windows/macOS] Auxiliary tools are not displayed properly, such as becoming blank or black circles - CLIP STUDIO Official Support https://support.clip-studio.com/ko-kr/faq/articles/20190031
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