Selecting an eraser or brush will not work.

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I've been using the eraser or paintbrush for some time now, but it seems like the picture looks like the picture. I've rebooted the computer. I've erased it. I've erased it several times. I've run it on the Wacom driver. Please use EX.

Published date : 9 months ago

Updated date : 9 months ago


  • 9 months ago
    When I change the brush, I will be buffering like that and I will be in a waiting state
    Change the display method in the brush window from 'stroke' to 'text'
    Currently there is very little buffering
    (I guess that's because there is no preview image in the brush)

    Why do not you change it?
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  • 9 months ago
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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