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Clip Studio ASK

What is Clip Studio ASK ?

  • It is a place for you discuss any problems or issues with other creators. Your posts do not have to be related to any of CELSYS' products. Please use it to exchange information about anything and everything creative.
  • There is an automatic translation feature, making global communication possible.

What can you do with Clip Studio ASK

Ask Questions

You can discuss anything you like, from small problems and issues to seeking opinions from others. Other users will answer your questions. Once you have received some answers, choose the Best Answer to thank the user.

Answer Questions

If you know the answer to a question we encourage to post a response.


You can search for helpful Q&A posts by genre and category.

About menu

After logging in and clicking on your profile image, the menu below will be displayed.


This page displays your favorite questions.


This page displays questions you have posted.


This page displays responses you have posted.

Question Status

The explanation for each question status is displayed below.

  • Open: is the status for accepting responses.
  • Resolved: The status when Best Answer has been chosen. The post will no longer be open for comments.
  • Closed: the status when a question has been posted for 7 days. The post will no longer be open for comments.

What is a "Best Answer"?

A Best Answer is the response chosen as most helpful from all the responses received.

Choosing a Best Answer shows your gratitude towards the users who responded to your question.

You can only select a Best Answer for questions marked as open or closed.

  • When your status is set to Open and you select a Best Answer your post will be marked as resolved and comments will be disabled.
  • When your status is set to Closed and you select a Best Answer your post will be marked as resolved and comments will be disabled.
  • You can select a Best Answer at any time.
  • A Best Answer is the response chosen by the user who posted the question as the most useful, but it does not necessarily mean it is the most accurate.

When Submitting

  • Posted questions cannot be edited or deleted after being submitted.
  • Any questions which have not received a Best Answer after seven days will be marked as Closed, and the post will no longer be open for comments.

When Responding

  • Posted responses cannot be edited or deleted after being submitted.

Posting locale

From the search details, if you choose a posting locale, you will only be able to view submitted question post in that language.

Respondent ranking

Ranking is calculated by the total number of replies to posts, Best Answers and likes. Weekly ranking results are based on the previous seven days and monthly are based on the previous 30 days. Updates will be made daily.

Category Points
Respond to post +1
Your answer has been chosen as the Best Answer! +10
Likes 1 point per Like

NVPs, MVPs, and Official Experts

The above points are calculated every three months, and up to 10 members with the highest points are selected as MVPs. The ten highest scoring members who have not yet received an MVP award are recognized as New Valuable Players (NVPs).

If we determine that content or behavior of a post is not consistent with the scope of MVP/NVP, even if it is higher in points, it may be disqualified from the MVP/NVP rankings. Please refer to the Posting and Behavioral Guidelines.

MVPs will receive an exclusive trophy. An MVP badge icon will appear on MVP users’ posts and profiles. The MVP badge icon will show the year and season of the award. Each badge is only given to the winners of that season.

In addition, receiving the MVP award qualifies users for becoming certified as an official Clip Studio Official Expert. Once certified as an Official Expert, users will be able to directly communicate with CLIP STUDIO's official moderators and will be able to respond to wider range of posts similar to an official position. Official Experts even have the chance of being consulted about upcoming services and products. An Official Expert badge icon will appear on posts and profile page. The Official Expert badge icon will show the year and season of certification. Users can only receive the same badge during that season.

Find more information about NVPs, MVPs, and Official Experts here


  • First, search for your question to check if it has already been answered. You can resolve your problem quicker if it has already been answered in the past.
  • If you solve your problem after submitting your question, click "I resolved the issue myself" after submitting an answer. This will mark your question as "Resolved."
  • To make Clip Studio ASK a comfortable and free environment, CELSYS, Inc typically will not be involved. To connect to user support please click here.

Please take in consideration when making a post.

Details can be found in “Post and Behavior Guidelines (English).” A summary can be found here.
Be careful when uploading text or images.

  • Do not post content that you do not have the intellectual property rights (copyrights) to.
  • With this service, any posted content belongs to the user who made the post.
  • Posts must not be in violation of any laws.
  • Do not post content containing child pornography or abuse, and sexual content.
  • Do not post content which promotes discrimination or ideologies (Religious, Political, Race, Occupation, Sex).
  • Do not post content that may be offensive to others.
  • Do not post content that is not related to the service.
  • Content deletion function is not provided in any service that consist of content which is compiled by multiple users. Due to copyright is shared by multiple users in that type of content. And even if the posting user requests deletion to Celsys, that decision is left to Celsys.
  • By posting to this service, you consent to the usage of your post within CELSYS. Posts may be altered, edited or translated.
  • Users are requested to take responsibility for the content they post. We will sincerely correspond to precise requests from users.
  • This service provides a report feature. If a post is reported, the user of the post will be contacted by CELSYS. Please follow any directions given by CELSYS which corresponds to the post.
  • Even if it is not directly stated in the rules, policies or guidelines, please refrain from participating in problematic behavior or problematic posts. Please act in a respectful and rational manner.