I want to buy a serial number to upgrade from EX1 to EX2, but when I click buy, it keeps going to the monthly fee page

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On the Buy Now side, there is a discounted version upgrade (upgrade from Ver.1 to Ver.2.0・one-time payment version), I clicked Buy Now to upgrade from EX Ver.1 to EX Ver.2.0 in that area, and was immediately redirected. On the contract information screen of the monthly fee plan, I don’t have the activation code for ex2 (because I’m planning to buy it), so I clicked here for details, and was redirected back to the original purchase now screen. I don't know how to buy it

Published date : 4 days ago

Updated date : 4 days ago

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  • 4 days ago
    If the serial number is not registered in the CLIP STUDIO account you are logged in with, you cannot purchase the 2.0 version upgrade license.
    Start CLIP STUDIO PAINT on a terminal authenticated with a serial number and check the license in use.
    Top menu "Help" → "Confirm/change license"
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  • 4 days ago
    In fact, there is registration, I don't know what went wrong
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  • 4 days ago
    The activation method for the version you are using is outdated and different from the current version.
    Please update to the latest version of 1.x before purchasing 2.0, and check after registering the license (upper menu "Help" → "Check/Change License").
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  • 4 days ago
    Please do not post even part of the serial number. It can be abused.
    If the license in use is not displayed in the contract information, the account logged into the app and the account logged into the browser may be different.
    Try logging in again and check.

    If you cannot purchase the one-time purchase even though the account logged in with the app and the account logged in with the browser are the same, please contact official support.
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