Show/hide layers-block some from "re-showing"

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I frequently use the OPT key to show me just one layer. If I click OPT again in a short amount of time, it turns back on to "show" only those layers that were "on" (showing) just before I clicked OPT. If however I wait a little bit before clicking OPT again, I don't have the option to just show me what I was seeing before. Instead I can show all other layers, or just the layer I was looking at.

I have a lot of layers and some I keep just for reference. I don't want them ALL to come back on, just the ones that were on "showing" before clicking OPT. Is there a way to do that?

Published date : 29 days ago

Updated date : 22 days ago


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    None of the above specifically deal with my question, sorry.
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