i can't paint over my lines

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i have finished inking my drawing and now want to color it. The drawing is of a person. there are many small lines or hair contours in his hair. when i try to paint them in, there is a white border around the lines. How do I manage to get rid of the white edge. D.
annke in advance

Published date : 9 days ago

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    9 days ago
    As a basic operation, operate the line drawing layer and the fill layer separately.
    Place a fill layer below the line drawing layer. Lock the line drawing layer to prevent accidental operation.

    Line drawing data created by others is filled with white except for the lines, and the lower Nuridate layer cannot be seen through, so perform the following processing.
    The first method is to set the composition method in the line drawing data layer to "multiplication" (a method that only makes the white invisible and does not process the data).
    The other method is to add the process of "Convert brightness to transparency" from the edit menu for the line drawing data layer (it cannot be restored by the process of deleting white).

    In the fill layer placed below, the gaps that look narrow are not the "fill" tool, but a thick brush etc. so that you can add colors without worrying about the line drawing.
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