How to make GIF transparent background in Clip Studio

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A transparent background commonly applied to emoticons and video editing is applied with Clip Studio.
I want to draw a picture. Can Clip Studio also create a picture with a transparent background?

Published date : 5 days ago

Updated date : 5 days ago


  • 5 days ago
    Except for paper layers, normal layers are basically transparent structures.
    Because it is confusing, I hide the transparency in the paper layer.
    I think you can find out by clicking the centerpiece of the paper layer...
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  • 5 days ago
    "Animated GIF" in CLIP STUDIO PAINT's animation function does not support background transparency.
    It also does not support reading GIF files.

    PNG or TGA format is valid as a single file with transparent background.
    The PSD file format (having Photoshop's layer structure) can also express transparent layers in a broad sense.
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