How do I see all the art I’ve made on csp?

Hii idk how to see all the art I’ve made, like in separate canvases like in procreate… if I need to buy ex thing to see pls tell me and how to like see what’s I’ve made, I’m on mobile btw! An iPad

Published date : 16 days ago

Updated date : 9 days ago


  • 16 days ago
    I don't know because I don't use that software, but is there a way to display the canvas at the same time when multiple files are loaded like the GIF movie below?

    If you drag the tab of the canvas and move it to the specified position, a red edge will appear, so if you drop it at that time, it will look like the video below.

    If you place it on any canvas, the canvas turns red and you can stack tabs.
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