I want to transfer the material settings to the new PC, but the folder to copy and paste is in a different place than the manual

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I tried to copy and paste the material settings etc. to the new PC, but it is in a different place than the manual.
In the manual, "C:" → "Users" → "(username)" → "AppData" → "Roaming" → "CELSYSUserData" → "CELSYS"
But my PC doesn't have \CELSYSUserData. Is there any problem without it?

Published date : 14 days ago

Updated date : 13 days ago


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  • 14 days ago
    Are you talking about old or new PCs?

    For old PC
    CLIP STUDIO > Gear icon > Maintenance menu > Move user data folder

    when you select this
    If the message "This process is not necessary in your environment" is displayed, I think it is in the above \CELSYSUserData location.

    I think that the CELSYS folder in the Document folder is the target for copy and paste when the display is movable.

  • 13 days ago
    Thank you very much for your kind advice. Thanks to you, I was able to successfully project the settings to the new PG! The joy when it moves normally is exceptional. I'm glad I asked. I'm really thankful to you.
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