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When I was working, suddenly Christa crashed and I was pulled back to the last save.
It really sucks.
I no longer want to draw.
Please tell me what to do in this situation.

Published date : 4 days ago

Updated date : 4 days ago


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  • 4 days ago
    I often do (laughs)

    It can't be helped if I drag it out, but if it's written over a long period of time, it's even more depressing.

    I myself didn't know how to deal with it until now, so I would redraw it again or change the design slightly if I thought it was better than before.

    What would have happened if I had asked a question like you...?

  • 4 days ago
    I will send the BA to the earliest person.
    thank you very much!

    Thank you for your advice!
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