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I've been animating using Clip Studio Paint EX. I animate in 60 FPS, because it gives the smoothest results. I don't animate every frame -- I just have frame-by-frame shots here and there and usually quite a bit of tweening. It's always incredibly laggy when I play it back, and it doesn't take much to lag like this. I mean, the frame drops are typically down to around 10-14 FPS even when I've only animated 5-8 seconds worth of a 30-second timeline. It makes it difficult to work with, because I can't tell if the shots I've animated aren't smooth or if it's just the laggy playback. It looks fine when I export it, but not until then.

I will say, I don't have a very high quality computer. It's definitely not something professionals would use by any means, I just use a home laptop and, being a hobbyist, don't have much of anything fancy.

My question now is, is this lagginess/frame rate dropping a problem with Clip Studio Paint? Or is it just because my computer isn't great? If I used Clip Studio on a higher-quality device, would I still have these issues?

I think I know the answer to this -- I just want to hear someone else's thoughts, as I'm not very experienced. Thanks!

Published date : 11 days ago

Updated date : 3 days ago


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