Heavily Pixelated Lines

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Every now and then the lines in CSP will become distorted and heavily pixelated.
I've tried installing different drivers for my Wacom tablet.
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling CSP.
I've checked my graphics driver and it's up to date.
I've tried using my tablet on other art programs -- where this issue doesn't happen at all.

I'm not sure what else to do other than just not use CSP at all. My tablet works fine in Photoshop, SAI and Krita on m,y Windows 10 laptop. It also works fine on my Linux laptop. My only problem seems to be with CSP. I'm at my wit's end here.
Any idea what I can do to fix this issue?

Published date : 5 months ago

Updated date : 5 months ago


  • 5 months ago
    Try changing tablet mode in File-Preferences-Tablet to either Wintab or TabletPC.
    If you are using wintab, try enabling mouse mode option below those two.
    Restart CSP.
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  • 5 months ago
    I'm not using wintab because it messes everything up. Should I now be using wintab instead of previous settings that had worked but now don't work?
    I mean I'll give it a try but the wintab option doesn't work very well on any other art program.

    I'll recheck my settings.
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