Transparent pixel vector layer discolored part of line

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Thank you for reading. I'm prompt, but please let me ask a question ...

After inserting the pen in the vector layer, I tried to lock transparent pixels and make a part of the line change from black to brown, but I could not do it.

As a result of examination, it seems that it can be done by the procedure like the bottom picture, but I do not understand this explanation so much ...

I stumble in the second step. Can anyone explain to beginners, ignorant ones easy to understand?> <

I'm sorry for troubling you, thank you.

Published date : 9 months ago

Updated date : 9 months ago


  • 9 months ago
    If you do it with Crista, the example is old, but it is the feeling that the support staff is explained here.
    If you change color partially, create a separate raster layer on top of the vector layer as written on the bottom,
    It is a method of putting the color on the line after setting the [clipping to the lower layer] state.
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  • 9 months ago
    Thank you for giving me advice every time ... I'm just asking for help.

    We solved it ...!
    Thank you for much reply.

    I could discolor by putting a raster layer on the vector layer. It seems that it was not examined properly and it is embarrassing.

    Best answer I was worried a lot ...
    I will select it by those who attached a descriptive page.

    Everyone Thank you very much…!

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