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I would like to upgrade from Pro to Ex, but when I look up the discount for current Clip Studio Pro users within my program the price is 169 US. When I go on Amazon a digital download for EX is only 149 US. Can you offer me a better deal. It seems counter productive to offer your EX product to anyone for 149 on Amazon and current users a price point 20 dollars higher. Do you have a coupon code or something that would make my purchase more reasonable. I paid 50 dollars for the pro version, so If I upgraded I would expect to upgrade to EX for less than a 100 US. I love your software, and is does work better than photoshop for my needs, but I am reluctant to pay a higher price since I have been a Clipstudio user for around a year.

Published date : 3 years ago

Updated date : 3 years ago


  • 3 years ago
    Nice to meet you
    Download versions from Celsis and Amazon Pay "Do you know the difference between the dollar?
    Although it is a personal opinion, purchase at Amazon Pay because of the difference there is a serial number issue procedure and the time of reconfirmation
    Procedures etc are cumbersome and difficult to understand, so I think only to the extent of that difference · It is a problem of individual values
    If it is troublesome but cheaper one is better, I think that it can be purchased on Amazon Pay, because the program is the same thing
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  • 3 years ago
    From time to time, there is a sale in celsys. Also smithmicro does: (it look is cheaper to buy the Ex that simply upgrade😐)
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