How to create your own sub-tool groups?

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Hi, by downloading and creating tools and brushes, the standard sub-tool groups are quickly confusing. For this reason, I ask if it is possible to create your own groups. I would be very happy about answers.

Published date : 1 year ago

Updated date : 1 year ago


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    1 year ago
    Drag and drop the downloaded brush material onto the appropriate sub tool.
    Drag and drop the corresponding sub tool to the group name part to create a sub tool group with the name of the sub tool.
    The name of the sub tool group can be changed by right clicking.

    If you drag and drop your own subgroup to the tool palette, you can create your own tool category, but you cannot change it back to some subtool group.
    Delete and rebuild.
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    Thank you for your prompt reply. It helped a lot.
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