Question on Using Clip Studio with Sidecar

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After over a year of dragging my feet, I finally bought an Ipad pro and using it in sync with my office Mac, using Sidecar, it's already doubled my production speed with Clip Studi Paint.

Currently, my only problem is a number of pressure-sensitive brushes, such as pencils and some of the paintbrushes, don't work at full capacity. I've also had trouble using several of the vector tools. Is this a problem Clip Studio Paint has with Sidecar specifically that could be corrected if I switched over to Astropad, or had my Ipad plugged directly to the office computer? Since I have similar troubles with a storyboarding app I'm pretty sure this is something I need to bother the Apple Help Desk about but I figured I should cover all of my bases.

Published date : 1 year ago

Updated date : 11 months ago


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