installing Clip Studio Paint on a new computer

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I just bought a new computer and want to download clip studio paint on it. My version of clip studio paint is
EX version 1.5.4 can I install this version on my new computer and how do I download and update it?

Published date : 25 days ago

Updated date : 18 days ago


  • 25 days ago
    ver.1.5.4 is very old
    I do not know how much it can be reproduced even if I use the settings of the old PC

    If you need the settings you used on your old PC
    Copy the data from your old PC to a USB stick or external hard drive
    The location copies the "CELSYS" folder in the windows document

    You do not need to move the "CELSYS" folder if you do not need the old settings

    If you have the work you need, you can do it later.
    Please move to a new PC

    In the new PC documentation
    Move the "CELSYS" folder that you copied with a USB memory etc.

    At the CLIP STUDIO download site
    Download the latest CLIP STUDIO PAINT installer
    for Windows (ver.1.10.6) "CSP_1106w_setup.exe"

    When the download of the installer is finished
    Open the downloaded file and start the installation
    You will be required to enter your serial number during the installation
    Please have the serial number you obtained at the time of purchase ready
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