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It is too painful that CLIP STUDIO PAINT does not automatically generate jpg thumbnails unlike ComicStudio.
It takes too much time to save each one in a different format, and even though the list can be obtained from the work management, it is too small to be used for confirmation at all.
Is there a viewer that can display clip files?
It would be very convenient to have a plug-in for displaying major image viewers like Photoshop.
(Especially if you can use ACDSee, PureRef, etc. as they are)

Published date : 8 days ago

Updated date : 8 days ago


  • 8 days ago
    I'm using XnView classic, but it also shows clips.

    However, if you associate it with a viewer, clicking "Works" (not MORE) of "CLIP STUDIO" will take you to the viewer display, so be careful about that.

    Although I'm associated with a viewer.
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  • 8 days ago
    Thank you for your advice.
    I also tried XnView and it didn't work, but it seems that it uses thumbnails of Windows itself.
    It seems that the cause is that thumbnails are not generated or displayed because the number and size of system files do not match and the time and effort increases if there are system files when the number of files increases unnecessarily or when comparing and managing a huge number of folders.
    Does that mean that it is still difficult to use it like psd?
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