(iPad) I can't import .abr files anymore?

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This is on iPad!! The app is on the latest version
I used to be able to import .abr (photoshop brush files) into clip studio. I still use lots of photoshop brushes.

But now clip won't open the files at all, they're just greyed out in the file menu when I try to import brushes from clip (and .sut files still work fine). If I go to the actual file and try to open it in clip studio, clip studio doesn't even appear in the list of apps it can open in. It used to be the first app there.

I've tried the 'import sub tool' menu, dragging and dropping the file, importing from the iPad files app, restarting my iPad (twice), putting the files on iCloud, google drive, ipad storage, etc. I've tried 4 different .abr files. On PC I have no problem importing the exact same .abr files

Published date : 13 days ago

Updated date : 6 days ago


  • 13 days ago
    A ".abr" file containing a large number of brushes may take a long time to load or may fail to load.
    If you have an environment where you can use the PC version with the same CLIP STUDIO account, you can either load it on the PC version and restore it on the iPad after backing up the app settings, or load it on the PC version and convert the brush into a material (from the sub tool palette to the material palette Materialization is possible by dragging to ) Isn't it less likely that problems will occur if you load it by synchronizing via the CLIP STUDIO cloud?
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  • 12 days ago
    I can't reply to Kisa's answer but no, that's not what's happening. The .abr files I'm trying to import have no more than 5 brushes each, and in the past I've imported .abr brush packs with 100+ brushes (the photoshop kyle brushes) with no issue, just a long loading time.
    It's not 'failing to load', I can't select the files because they're greyed out.

    Importing the brushes on PC and then syncing it to my CLIP STUDIO account worked. But there's NO way to select multiple brushes so you have to drag each brush one by one into a material folder, and then sync it. If you just want to try new brushes or if you want a big brush pack this isn't a solution. I hope CELSYS fixes it.
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  • 12 days ago
    >> I would like CELSYS to fix it.

    CELSYS staff are not involved here ( =ASK ). If you have a request, you should give it to user support.
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  • 12 days ago
    Maybe the translator didn't work but I was not making a request. I asked for help here because I thought they added a new setting so I could change it, but I guess they didn't. Thanks though
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