Cannot export animation as mp4

I am trying to export a short animation (dimensions 5000x5000px 600 dpi roughly 50 frames in length.) I have also tried reducing the image quality to 2500x2500px but it still will not export. It shows the progress bar to say its exported, and the file seems to show up in the windows menu on my computer but not in any file explorer and when I click on the link from the windows recents menu it shows it as unavailable. I have been able to export other animations of the same quality but this particular one has the most folders and layers and cels et cetera.

Published date : 17 days ago

Updated date : 10 days ago


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    17 days ago
    First of all, for the animated canvas, the image quality is the same whether it is 5000x5000px 600 dpi or 5000x5000px 72 dpi.
    The difference in CLIP STUDIO PAINT is that 600dpi is mosaicked and 72dpi is not mosaicked when previewing.

    What's the use of a 5000x5000x600dpi mp4 movie in the first place?
    Movie export from CLIP STUDIO PAINT has a size limit, mp4 is 1080px high and avi is 4320px.
    Also, the upper limit for exporting "sequence number images" is 50,000px, but depending on the purpose, it is necessary to convert them into a movie using video editing software.

    There is no such thing as being aimlessly large.
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