Pen pressure randomly turns on and off

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I am very aware that pen pressure is a frequent topic of questions on these forums, but I've been trying for over an hour to solve this and have not seen a single other person who has had the problem I do.
I am using a Wacom Intuos Pro Large with a Wacom Grip Pen on Windows 10. My drivers are all up to date, and CSP is updated to the latest version. I'm aware my problem might be a hardware issue since the tablet is a few years old and is sort of banged up, but I would really prefer not to have to buy another $500 tablet.
About a half an hour ago, my application began to only register pen pressure about 75% of the time. It was working fine right before then, but now it constantly switches between the constant-size strokes and the pressure sensitive ones, no matter what settings I change. I've checked the Wacom Tablet Properties and it seems to display pressure levels as normal, even for Clip Studio Paint, but in the application itself it seems to constantly be deregistering and reregistering the tablet properties.
I have attached a screenshot of a CSP canvas where I made a series of quick brushstrokes to test when and how it registers the pressure. It doesn't seem to be based on what part of the tablet I'm pressing down on, considering how consistently the thicker lines appear.
If anyone has any insight into what exactly is going on here, that would be much appreciated. And yes, I did check pen pressure settings. It didn't recognize pen pressure at all.

Much appreciated.

  • 2 years ago
    I can only introduce this page, but...
    Then, update the driver of the tablet to the latest version or try an earlier version.

    If it's still going, why not talk to support?
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