Making T-shirts and best file for design, learning smart object and vector

Hello, Im using Clip studio paint ex, for brand and t shirt design. I would just like to know if anyone could give me advice on which way is the best way to covert any of my designs or art work? I was also like to know how to turn my designs into smart objects or remove the points of the lines to make them mimic a vectors. Im just saving most of my work as black or white line work pngs right now. Please and Thank You!

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    1 month ago
    As a basic operation, save the original file as CLIP STUDIO FORMAT (.clip) instead of saving as PNG.
    PNG files are the final export file format.

    If you save with CLIP STUDIO FORMAT, you can save a mixture of vector layers and draft layers.
    You can modify the lines drawn by freehand in the vector layer with "Vector line simplification", "Vector line knob" and "Object" of "Line correction" of the sub tool.
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