I cannot draw on Clip Art Studio. What should I do?

Sometimes, I cannot draw on Clip Art Studio, this kind of problem annoys me. I really need help. The tools I use to draw are my Wacom Pad One and a pen.

Published date : 19 days ago

Updated date : 12 days ago


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    19 days ago
    Please ask a specific question.
    I can't tell from abstract sentences.
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  • 15 days ago
    Hi, i was trying Clip Studio Paint Pro for Comic layout drawing on Wacom One. When i select pencil(P), to begin the drawing, i wasn't able to draw on it. Please assist me on this isssue, thank you. Attached with some images for your reference.
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    15 days ago
    Have you selected a paper layer?
    Draw with a new raster layer or a new vector layer.
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