I can't see the type of pen

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DL for the first time. There should be many types of pens, but nothing is displayed.
Do I need a separate DL for the pen?

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  • 9 days ago
    It seems that the sub tool window is not displayed.
    Window → Where each item is checked, it is displayed.
    If it is not checked, please turn it on.

    ↓ The official basic usage is described.

    A reference guide for tools, etc.
    I hope you will take a look at this as well.

  • 9 days ago
    thank you!
    When I turned on the unchecked items from the window, various types of pens came out safely.
    Since I didn't have any pens from the beginning, I was very nervous because I thought there was something wrong, but thanks to your quick reply, I think I'll be able to start right away! thank you very much!
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