My brushstrokes are warping

My CSP is on my tablet and I've tried restoring and changing preferences but my lines continue to warp as I draw them. I'll draw a straight line a d as I'm doing it it warps in certain places on my screen. Is this a CSP issue or tablet?

Published date : 2 months ago

Updated date : 2 months ago


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    2 months ago
    I can't tell you how much "distortion" you're talking about.
    If you post a screenshot of your entire operation screen from the answer column of this question, someone may give you accurate advice.
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  • 2 months ago
    Here is a screenshot of the wave
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    2 months ago
    It looks like a freehand shake.

    Depending on the purpose of drawing, one way to draw beautiful straight lines and curves is to use the "Figure" tool.
    Another method is to adjust the freehand lines on the vector layer with the "Correct Line" tool. (I use)
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