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Creating multiple language versions of one Comic

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That's probably going to be a longshot, but maybe there are some features of Clip Studio that I am not aware of.
I am creating a comic book, and would like to publish it in two languages.
Each chapter is a separate Clip Studio Comic file. Each frame is contained within masked folder (using Frame Border tool) and contains only images. On top of everything, there are dialogue balloons. I consider having all my dialogue layers for one language in one folder and separate folder for second language. However, if I find a mistake in text somewhere, I would need to go through all the pages, disable folders of one language, enable others, export everything again, etc.
I also considered having just two versions of the file, but then again, if there is a mistake on the image, I would need to carry over new image version to the other language version.
Do you have any suggestions or workflow for such scenario to make the work faster?

Published date : 1 year ago

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  • 1 year ago
    I think there's nothing to do other than making sure the picture is 100% double checked before making a language file. Waiting a few days to spot mistakes before the 2nd language is usually my go-to practice.
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