I accidentally deleted the straight ruler and I don't know how to get it back... Can anyone help me?

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I deleted my straight ruler and when I updated the clip studio it didn't help everything stayed the same and I'm still missing the straight ruler. All the other rulers are here and i was wondering if I can create a new ruler that would be for the straight lines but I don't know how...

Published date : 9 months ago

Updated date : 9 months ago


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    9 months ago
    You can select "Linear ruler" of "Ruler" with "Add initial sub tool" from the small "▶ ≡" menu button on the upper left of the sub tool palette.
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  • 9 months ago
    Thank you for this answer it fixed the problem :)
    I'm still new at using Clip Studio Paint so i don't know a lot of things and how to use them so this was very helpful :)
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