Save analog manuscript to USB → To Crysta on iPad

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I am using Crysta EX and iPad Pro.
This time I will draw the line drawing in analog and scan it at the convenience store → save it to USB → transfer the data to iPad Pro and I am thinking of finishing with tone, solid and finish with Crysta.
Where is the manuscript displayed from Crysta?
I'm sorry for the incomprehensible text.

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  • 1 month ago

    I'm a Windows 10 user. It seems that there is no answer ...
    I don't have an iPad, so it's an image of Windows 10. (I don't think it will change that much)
    "Scan at a convenience store" → Image data, right?

    Copy the file from USB to the internal storage and read or write (save) from Crysta.
    I think it is better not to read / write (save) the file in USB directly from Crysta.
    It has been reported that the file may be defective.

    To read the image data as it is into Crysta, follow the steps below.
    Menu: File → Open
    If you save it as it is, it will remain as an image, so it is recommended to save it as a .clip file.

    To load the image data into the canvas after opening the .clip file:
    Menu: File → Load → Image

    Basically, it is saved and managed as a .clip file, and if necessary, it is drawn in another format (image, ...).
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  • 1 month ago
    Thank you for your detailed explanation. I've taken a screenshot w
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