Border Edges Cut-Off

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I created a draft font in Clip Studio using the Border Effect tool (letter D screenshot "clip-studio").

But when I upload/Build in Calligraphr, the edges look like they've been cut-off/rough (letter D in screenshot "calligraphr").

Not all letters are affected.

I saw some improvement when I increased the canvas dimensions, but it didn't fix the issue.

What can I try in Clip Studio to help?

**How I created the font**

Step 1) Turn on Border Effect (anti-aliasing turned on)

Step 2) Draw letters with G-Pen

Step 3) Rasterize vector and covert brightness to opacity

Step 4) Export file as .PNG (resolution:72, dimensions w1667xh2367)

Step 5) Build font in Calligraphr

Published date : 20 days ago

Updated date : 13 days ago


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