Saving causes my entire screen to blank and freeze.

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After i started recording timelapses, ive started having this issue where projects take 5-10 seconds to save, along with blanking my screen and prompting a "this program is not responding" error from windows. I hoped that having better ram would resolve this issue, but it had no effect. I have also check all of my drivers and windows says they are up to date. Im really not sure where to go from here.

When i started using timelapses, there was a bit more delay in saving, maybe about a second compared to nearly instant when not recording, but it was never this long, nor did my computer screen blank out or cause a not responding error.

I have a few suspicions about where potential problems are.
- i dont have a great cpu, at least according to my friends
- im starting to run out of space on my C drive, but there is still over 30gbs left on it so im not sure if thats really an issue
- i tend to leave my art program open in the background while im not working, and i feel like this issue was less problematic before when i only had it open while i was drawing
- maybe its the app's issue? I do remember there were a lot of updates recently so maybe that had some effect?

Ive tried searching for similar questions but there were either not closely related enough or unanswered.

My computer freezing like this concerns me so any help would be appreciated!

Published date : 2 months ago

Updated date : 1 month ago


  • 2 months ago
    How about lowering the memory size allocated to CSP to about 50% in the "Performance" category of the CSP preferences?
    The reason why the save operation is slow is that the processing on the OS side often takes time.
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  • 1 month ago
    ive tried this, but the delay still exists. Recently, in addition to these issues, CSP sometimes crashes after freezing, losing me progress on my art.

    This is quite annoying and I'm still unsure where to go from here. I wish to save timelapses, but i will try turning off for now to see if it really is the timelapse issue or if the problem presists
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