How to save my 3D models in backup

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Hello, I made some modifications to my models and others that I bought in assets, my question is, how can I save the models in case one of the ones I bought is deleted and I need it on another computer?
Thank you very much ^^

Published date : 9 days ago

Updated date : 2 days ago


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    9 days ago
    If by "deleted" you mean "deleted by the creator", there is no way to deal with it (just send a DM asking for a repost)

    Downloaded materials cannot be backed up. (Download materials are not compatible with the cloud)

    However, brushes and image materials can be re-registered and images can be saved with some changes and additions. (via cloud)

    3D pose materials can be re-registered. (via cloud)
    3D model materials cannot be re-registered, so I don't think they can be used on another computer.
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  • 9 days ago
    Back up celsys folder. Some people still experience some material loss, so you can also back up 3d by registering entire layer to materials and putting it on cloud. But you cannot drop multiple 3d object layers to one layer from materials, so you would need to copy paste different 3d objects to the same layer manually. It takes some work, but better than having no 3d.
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